The work “Gene K.” is based on a dance by Gene Kelly, a US actor and dancer, performed in the 1950s. I reconstructed that dance to see it from one point of view. A drawing of 100 x 460 cm on two layers of japanese papers is the result. This layering effect makes some shoes of the lower layer barely seen. They gleam. On other parts of the drawing many shoes are overlaid on top of others. Different actions take place at the same point of the drawing. This makes it possible to see the dance in different ways and to compose it differently every time in the act of watching. Can I understand the dance more because the drawing shows more details than I am usually able to see? Is it easier to follow because of the way I have mapped it?

After finishing a series of such drawings in different sizes I made a video of me reperforming what I drew.

Gene K. , pencil on two layers of paper, 100 x 460 cm, 2010/11,installationview, details.
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Gene K. , pencil on two layers of paper, 100 x 460 cm, 2010/11,
drawings, Hd-video, installationview Haus der Kunst Munich.

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