The series “Make yourself an organ” contains 32 drawings, in which I place drawings of bodiy motions in combination with writing.

Specifically, I pulled paradoxical sentences out of philosophical and political texts and from the news to combine them with little motions of everyday life. The content unfolds itself as a questioning about personal adjustment towards an changing environment.

The structure of the installation of the series “Make yourself an organ” orients itself and refers to the form of a tree diagram used to depict the binomial nomenclature in biology. Texts and compositions of human movements are combined in a similar way to drawings of scientific research. However, it is not possible to classify movements and human gestures like science seeks to organize plants or animals. This contradiction is the inherent question of this series. How do you deal with the will to understand human actions if there is no point of view without contradiction?

In addition the work “Taking Place” was shown on a table. (Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig)

“Make yourself an organ”, each 32 x 43 cm,
pencil, paper, mixed material, framed
3 4 5
“Runde”, 34 x 36 cm
7installation 8frontal 9 10“Punch”. 60 x 105 cm


“Touch”, each 27 x 32 cm
14  15each 32 x 43 cm, 14Installationview  17vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 18vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 19vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 20vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 21vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 22vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts23vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 24vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts 25vonobennachunten-linksnachrechts