The video “Taking Place” depicts how I wandered onto different porches in the neighborhood of Fall Creek, Ithaca (NY). First I put myself into the perspective of normal homeowners by sitting and looking at the neighborhood from the front of their homes. Then I started using things I found on the porches to pass the time, until I decided to undertake other forms of yard- and housework that the people living there normally would have done. I cleaned snow off of the porches, rearranged objects, refilled bird feeders, collected mail from the postman. In a sense, I took responsibility for the time I spent on these porches. What happens if a stranger/foreigner starts doing work on your property? Where is your property? My actions are absurd and funny at the same time as it is unclear whether I am a helpful guest or an eerie interloper. The architecture of the porch itself is an ambiguous space, neither fully private nor public. By changing my action from just sitting there to undertaking the type of work that homeowners usually must do on their porches, the video captures an ambiguous space around who I am as I occupy this gray area. – The most important thing for me here is not a provocation by trespassing borders between public and private. More important for me is that the border between public and private is not fixed in this architecture.

The clips of the installation are shown in 3 films with subtitles. They rotate clockwise, so the combination of the images changes with every loop.

watch trailer here

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA“Taking Place” 3-channel Hd-projection, 2011
Installation view
erste reihe 1 ( horizontal) erste reihe 2 erste reihe 3 erste reihe 4 erste reihe 5
 zweite reihe 1  zweite reihe 2  zweite reihe 3  zweite reihe 4  zweite reihe 5
 dritte reihe 1  dritte reihe 2  dritte reihe 3
“Ithaca map”, pencil, print, oil paint, wax on paper, 27 x 36 cm, 2011