The video “Attempt to control traffic” shows me conducting traffic at various intersections in NYC as the police officers do. I set myself at points where I saw police men managing the traffic and replaced their positions as soon as they were gone. Because of the heavy amount of traffic, the police in NYC often shape the organization of traffic at intersections both with and without working traffic lights. I shot clips all around NYC at such places. It is not clear if the traffic is following my signs or just ignoring me. In fact, both were the case: cars reacted to me, drivers asked for directions, while others considered me to be a mad person.The 6-minute-video is filmed in a 16:9 upright format and is normally projected on a rear-projection-canvas of 300 x 166 cm in the middle of the room, so the image is seen on both sides of the canvas. The HD-images are sharp in this size and the free-standing canvas supports the architecture of the skyscrapers. The surrounding movement of the people becomes a traffic on its own.

This video is part of a collection of actions in urban settings, in which I push myself to assert influence in public space, but which also play with the ambivalence between my success and failure to effect my surroundings.

watch trailer here

1Traffic still3 3traffic still2 2traffic still
“Attempt to control traffic”, Hd-video, 6 min loop, 2013,
videostills, trailer, installation views, photograph.
5Traffic Treppe fertig 6traffic treppe2 7traffic control pic

8Treppe vielleicht

above: “Traffic Control”, digital print, 32 x 50 cm, 2013