Timo Herbst received his diploma at the University of Arts in Bremen and Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (Germany). In his researches he cooperated with the Overseas Museum of Bremen, Museum of Natural History in Leipzig and the Egyptian Collection Georg Steindorf in Leipzig and has shown his work in several museums and galleries in and outside of Germany.  He was fellow of Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary), Goethe Institut Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan) and of Yarat Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaijan). He is currently commissioned through the interdisciplinary project and research group “Arts and Science in Motion” of Volkswagen Foundation via FU Berlin and HBK Braunschweik.

Curriculum Vitae Exhibitions – Selection

“EGMP”; Bethanien Studio 1, Berlin (upcoming)
“Die Aufteilung des Raumes”, Q18, Köln (upcoming)
Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin (upcoming)
Kunstverein Leipzig (Performance) (upcoming)
“Optical Flow”, Junges Museum Bottrop (solo)
“Win/Win”, Neuzugänge Sammlung Kunstfonds Dresden, Halle 14 Contemporary Art Center, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
“Dimensional Sights”, Kunstverein Neustadt/Weinstraße, Villa Böhm, Neustadt (Cat.)
“Text Tour”, Künstlerforum Bonn and Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary)
“Handlungsanweisungen in der Kunst”, Galerie Eigenheim Weimar und Galerie Eigenheim Berlin
“Terra Mediterranea: in action” Halle 14, Leipzig
“Temple/material, Oubai-in-Tempel, Goethe Institut, Kyoto (Japan)
“HUMAN with/out SPACE, A.P.A. Atelier Pro Arts Art Center, Budapest (Hungary)
„Dimensional Sights“, Kunstverein Jena
“Fake it till you make it” Westpol A.I.R. Space Leipzig
“Bu nece bir hissdir – How does it feel”, Artim, Yarat Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaijan)
“Move What Moves You”, ENA Viewing Space, Budapest (Hungary) (solo)
“The Gardens”, Representation Saxony, Berlin
“Werkschau 2015″, Werkschauhalle Spinnereirundgang Leipzig
Cat-Cot-Dot-Dog” Resident exhibition, Artist Quarter Budapest (Hungary)
“Leipzig malt”, Wiensowski&Harbord, Berlin
“Age of Aquarius” B´s allright, New York (USA)
“Relax with Syssiphos”, Gallery Academy for Visual Arts Leipzig
“Imaginary Museum”, Egyptian Museum Georg Steindorff, Leipzig (cat.)
“Too close to touch”, Nachtspeicher 23, Hamburg
“Too close to touch”,Wespol A.I.R. Space, Leipzig
“4 Rooms”, Künstlerhaus im Schlossgarten Cuxhaven (solo)
“Exceptions from all directions”, Artspace Liska, Leipzig (solo)
“Watching a cat watching a mouse hole”, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
“WrummWrumm”, diploma show, Gallery Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Leipzig
“Slapstick Night”, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg (Performance)
“Natur 3D” (Nature 3D), Museum for Visual Arts, Leipzig (cat.)
“Landscape in Transformation”, Passerelle-centre d´art, Brest (France)
“Lindenow”, Wespol a.i.r space & Monaco Beach Club, Leipzig
“Sie verlassen den Verantwortungsbereich” (You are leaving the area of responsibility), Begehungen-Chemnitz, prison Kaßberg, Chemnitz (cat.)
„Räume und Plätze“ (Place and space), Gallery Flut, Speicher XI, Bremen (solo)
“Offener Raum” (Open Space), Große Kunstausstellung 2010, Haus der Kunst, München (cat.)
“Funken,” Galerie en passant, Berlin
“Studienpreis” (Study Prize Exhibition) Gallery of Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (cat.)
“Bewegung” (Movement), curated by Wulf Herzogenrath, Gallery Flut, Speicher XI, Bremen
“Schlaflos geträumt vom Sammeln” (Sleepless dreaming collection) Sonja Rensch, Artspace, Bremen
“Offen” (Open), Artspace, Benjamin Richard, Leipzig
“Gemischte Tüte” (Mixed Bag), Gallery Oqbo, Berlin
“Kunst und Energie” (Art and Energy), curated by Kunstverein Bremerhaven, Swb, Bremerhaven
Fellowships, Residencies (Selection)
2018 Working grant Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen/Cultural Foundation Saxony
2017-2018 Research grant Volkswagen Foundation “Entanglement between Gesture, mediea & politics”, interdisciplinary project at HFBK Braunschweig
2016 Residency / Grant Goethe-Institut -Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan)
2016 Residency Yarat Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaidjan)
2016 Project funding “Dimensional Sight”, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
2016 -18 Research grant Volkswagen Foundation “Motion together”, Participant of interdisciplinary project at Free Univerity Berlin
2015 Residency Art Quarter Budapest (Hungary)
2014 Residency Künstlerhaus im Schloßgarten Cuxhaven (Germany)
2011/12/14 Workstay Ithaca, NY (USA)
2010 Shortlist Dr. Herbert Zapp Price for Contemporary drawing
Press (Selection)
Budapest Times: “Move what moves you”, http://www.budapester.hu/2015/08/29/move-what-moves- you/
Guardian: “Cairo curfew all night parties”,http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/06/cairo- curfew-all-night-parties/
Huffington Post: “Bahaa Talis, perfomance live artista egiziano”,
http://www.huffingtonpost.it/2013/09/16/bahaa-talis- perfomance-live-artista-egiziano_n_3933657.html

Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, Prof. Astrid Klein – Diploma with distinction 2013 (Meisterschüler)
Guest – University of the Arts, Berlin, Prof. Hito Steyerl
University of the Arts, Bremen, Prof. Paco Knöller

Contact Timo Herbst Studio Erich Zeigner Str 64 B, 04229 Leipzig 3.jahreszeit@googlemail.com